Our Palo Santo comes from the Peruvian coast in the north of Peru and literally means «holy stick«. The Palo Santo tree is currently endangered and, according to the United Plant Savers Medicinal Plant Conservation (IUCN), there are less than 250 mature adult trees in the wild. Even though it is not legal to cut down these trees in Peru, the illegal trade is a regular occurrence due to the high demand. Palo Santo should never be cut down and is supposed to age some years in order to gain its full benefit and according to our sacred belief. Unfortunately, many profiteers are cutting down these holy trees for the sake of economic gain, not caring about the danger to the protected species. We are working with the local community Antañuelos and a family business that dedicates to a sustainable way of exporting Palo Santo for over 30 years, by achieving a SERFOR certification and ensuring that we do not cut down the tree. We commit that we wait for the tree to naturally complete its life cycle of 7 to 8 years and when it falls down, we collect the Palo Santo in order to keep the field clean. We are working hand in hand with the government, so we can protect Mother Earth and plant new Palo Santo trees.

We want to support more of our local communities and families, so they can receive and maintain a governmental sustainability certification that ensures the harvest under fair conditions and the reforestation of Palo Santo. Many farmers are forced to sell their Palo Santo on the black market for an underpaid price, knowing that the tree will be over-harvested. The Sonqo Team wants to be able to support locals, so they can benefit from this certification and every Palo Santo tree is being replanted again as a sustainable way of trading with it.


The Sonqo Circle team supports several local communities, women and families by finding the best quality cacao and by helping these people to share their sacred cacao with the world. We want to provide fair working conditions and assist the local farmers in the whole process of our Cacao Chuncho.

We are collaborating with the AMEDE Association (Association Of Women Entrepreneurs For The Development Of The District Echarati), which is an organization uniting many business women from different organizations to represent their economic initiatives in the district of Echarati under one strong association. At the moment, we are 24 business women and one business partner, trying to improve the economic conditions of women and reduce gender-based violence in the district. We want to cooperate with many different institutions, the government and organizations to create a network and be able to fight for our rights hand in hand. Together we can achieve many more things and this is why we want to help AMEDE to achieve gender equality and support our local communities with their economic challenges.


Do you want to make your own cacao ceremony at home? In this video, Sonqo
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