Our project is called “Sonqo Amazon Reforestation Center” and we want to create an interpretation center of reforestation and conservation of medicinal plants in the Peruvian Amazon. Near Pucallpa in the sector of Panaillo, there is a 20 hectares deforested piece of land that we acquired five years ago, having the dream of a Reforestation and Seed Conversation Center. In order to build and maintain the sustainable interpretation center we divided the project into three different stages. The purpose of this fundraising project is to find enough capital to make our first phase happen for the installation of a rest house for our staff. For our total goal of creating our medicinal botanic center with a nursery, implementing water installations and seeding the medical plants and trees, our engineer calculated a total amount of 171,065 Peruvian Soles (40,344€).

Our vision is to recover and conserve the native forest and its medicinal value for us and our future generations. We have the mission to create this center for the purpose of education and conservation. We are proud to share this project with people who are committed to protect our environment and care for our future, our planet and home.

We are facing drastic changes on this earth, the global temperature is constantly rising, the seasons are out of balance, our glaciers are melting rapidly and we experience many other influences due to climate change. The forest of the entire planet, our Earth’s lungs, are deforested. Ancient trees that had been growing for more than 100 years ago are getting destroyed. Beautiful trees that our grandparents were able to see won’t be there anymore for their grandchildren, for our next generations.

Sonqo Circle has the commitment to consider ourselves as one unity, taking care of Mother Earth and preserving our and her well-being. Like our indigenous grandparents of many countries, who considered themselves as children of Pachamama (Mother Earth), working together as one community for the highest good.

Our Andean principles from our ancestors are the Ayni (reciprocity) and Kausay Pacha (good living) that teach us to thank Mother Earth and act for the common good. We invite you to be part of this noble act in favor of us as one unity, our future children and grandchildren.


Being part of this project will be beneficial for everybody, for you, and all our future generations, combining reforestation, education and conservation of natural heritage. We want to create something that will benefit the whole planet and next generations, contributing to a reduced carbon emission and providing education for the conservation of ancestral medicine.

This project is divided into three stages and is expected to take about six months. Part of the project will be to plant over 8,000 different species of medicinal plants, fruit trees, and other plants. After fulfilling these three stages, we want to create a nursery with the purpose of offering the local communities the sale of medicinal and fruit seedlings for an economically sustainable future. Later on, we would like to welcome visitors, children, tourists and locals to show them more about our interpretation center and provide a tour about medicinal plants and trees.


At the end of 2020, we already started with our engineer Elmer to check the state of land in Pucallpa and do an investigation about the actual situation of the soil and plants there. Unfortunately, there was a fire that burned several plantations in November as you can see in the photo below. The fire is a common method of local farmers to clear their piece of land from dead plants and provide the growth of new plants on fertile soil. However, sometimes these planned fires are getting out of control due to the wind and therefore burn other lands, damaging a lot. To prevent this from happening again, our engineer Elmer was digging a huge gap around our land that will be filled with water and protect the land from unwanted fires.

Our supervisor bought hundreds of seeds (fruit trees, medicinal plants and forestry) to start planting next week. The planting season in the Peruvian Amazon is in the winter season from January till May – so now is the perfect time to start planting! In the year of 2021 we want to plant around 1,000 plants with your donations! We hope that we can proceed with our final goal to plant 10,000 on our piece of land and establish a reforestation center that has the purpose of seed conversation and education about the medicinal valor of our native plants. To make this great project happen and be able to achieve our goals, we need your help. A little donation can help already, or spreading our campaign and sharing the GoFundMe link makes a huge difference. We are incredibly thankful for your support and are excited to plant as many trees as possible this year.

We are sharing with you a financial overview, so you know exactly what we have been doing these last few months:


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